Atlanta “Promoter” (Groupie)Arrested for Bank Robbery




Chantel Calloway put on her twitter that she is an “event planner and marketing genuis”.She claims she is from  the A andworks for cloud 9 entertainment.I guess because she took pics with , Kid Capri, John Legend, Eva Pigford and Lisa Raye,  NBA players Gary Payton and Paul Pierce, who Mediatakeout  tried to say she dated .

Anybody could have gotten pics with them, looks like she may have lied about who she was cause now she robbing banks. Then she gets caught.So Guess what.. you dont need that money no mo’ cause you get to go to JAIL.. Free! There is always 2 sides to a story though

The Atlanta Journal Constitution states:

Dunwoody GA, police said they arrested a woman for robbing a bank on Friday.
Chantel Calloway, 30, was arrested shortly after the crime.

Police say a woman wearing a disguise robbed the Regions Bank on Mt. Vernon Road. She was wearing a baseball hat and wig, according to investigators.

Police said an officer saw the woman without the disguise and arrested her. The bank teller was able to identify her as the robber, police said.


  1. She must of been watching too many Set it off reruns!! Too bad she got caught, she should have planned it better.

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