Atlanta Rapper Pill Pissed With Mayback Music and Their Bad Management


It appears Maybach Music Group is putting too much pressure on Atlanta rapper Pill, who took to Twitter to express his frustration. From what he has written, it appears that he’s completely unsatisfied over his label.

The rapper, who signed MMG last year that was led by Rick Ross, wrote, “No TV and No Radio.. U do the math.” He said that it’s not a rocket science to name your favorite artist and turn on the TV to see them or tune in to the radio to hear them. He had all of these before he had a deal with Maybach Music Group. But now he has none of these.

He added, “Artists sign deals, label doesnt do shit for them or don’t even know to work the artist. time wasted.”

Pill didn’t end there, he continued blaming outside his label. “Ask Wiz Khalifa what Warner Bros did for him. I’ll wait.. drpped em.” His anger or dissatisfaction continues:

“Atlantic signed em put em on TV and Radio and he sky rocketed. Mind you, whn I signed I had one of the biggest records in 09’ “Trap Goin Ham” never touched TV never touched radio. Now go back and do your research and see what unsigned artist was neck n neck with Drake’s So Far Gone in 09’ Pill 4180: The Prescription. If I remember tht list correctly. It was Nicki Minaj, Drake, Pill, Wayne, Jeezy. Nw what the hell ws a new cumber like me doin on that list? Because IM DOPE!! That’s why, u ain’’ gotta believe it but I know it and won’t ever stop until I get that spot I deserve. Peace. Thanx.””

As you can well guess, fans flooded his twitter timeline with replies. But in any case, we now understand that Pill is working too hard and isn’t having much of recreations. Maybe his label should pay more attention to him. What do you think? Got anything to say against or on behalf of Pill? Let us know.

Here’s DJ A-OH interviews Meek Mill on 107.5 WGCI and him speaking on Pill and Mayback Music good interview.

Spotted @ BET.


  1. his own promo? under a contract? ummm okay.. you dont what is in that deal so you dont know what he can do… im sure if it was that easy it would have been done… why else would you think he would be complaining and not doing?

  2. Just because a label signs you doesn’t mean they gonna put you out there, is to hold you back, because you are their competition.


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