Atlanta Socialite Willaura Adams is We-TV’s Final Bridezilla


The homie Willaura Adams is making history after turning up so much that We-TV decides to crown her as the final Bridezilla. Did she start a fight? Did she leave her groom standing at the altar? Did she cuss out the cast and have a real meltdown?

Well you gotta check it out below for the BRIDEZILLA like details.

The homie Willaura has turnt up so much before the camera that We-TV decided to end the series on an Atlanta note. The series finale of Bridezilla is going to be full of dramatic highs and lows. Willaura decides she can throw an amazing wedding/party in less than three months and with a budget of $5,000. Part One of the season finale shows Willaura fighting her sister in the middle of Buckhead. Man, all that was missing was Brooke Valentine singing “Girlfight”,

We also watched with delight as she took her daddy’s American Express. She told her daddy that if he didn’t hand over the money he could just stay at home on the wedding day. Willaura TURNT all the way up on pops! Not to mention the antics that included altering her own wedding gown. Really Willaura? You doing the absolute most home girl!

Willaura had the following to say about her experiences as We-TV’s final Bridezilla,

“It’s an honor. I’m really excited. Everything was last-minute. It was very stressful. I didn’t have enough money and had to beg my dad for some extra cash. It was really fun. It made history. It’s a national thing. When my kids are old enough, they can look back and see this.”

bridezilla-willaura-pretty-girls-rock-dressesDetails about the final episode of Bridezilla: Willaura is an Atlanta socialite and publicist. She told Bridezilla that she could throw an amazing wedding/party with a modest budget of $5,000 in less than three months. The finale involves Willaura and her new husband Marques attempt to throw the party under the strict budget and timeline.

True to her word she throws an epic wedding that cost her $6,000 and she swears that another bride would have spent $12,000. Go head Willaura! We see you!


Tune in tonight to see the last episode ever of  WE-TV’s Bridezilla. 

Spotted on PGRDresses.

9 responses to “Atlanta Socialite Willaura Adams is We-TV’s Final Bridezilla”

  1. Blarg Blorg says:

    What a horrible, nasty person. She showed herself to be truly vile on national TV.

  2. mata says:

    She looks like a rachet skeletor….but thirstier…..

  3. tiara says:

    Damn she ugly on the inside and outside. Her man could a did so much better. Her sister shoulda quit her damn wedding at last minute and whoop her ass. She is jealous of her sister Cruz she books wayyyy better lol

  4. Vanessa says:

    Was it just me or did this woman look like a walking corpse!!! Holy cow, please eat something! That was scary.

  5. Liz says:

    Socialite + broke? LOLOLOL

  6. Egypt Ronee' says:

    Ok. From what I have seen. She is a woman of love pain and frustration…
    I was the same way when I realized that beauty from within, your inner is a reflection of the outer. Embracing the inner will make your surroundings work for you.

    keep your head up

  7. Kina says:

    OMG!!!! She looks terrible. Tooooo skinny.

  8. quinn says:

    As somebody who is naturally pretty skinny, I immediately knew Willaura didn’t fall into that category. For one thing, being skinny doesn’t make you look 60 if it’s natural. My first thought about her was “Oh look. She’s way older than her groom. Neat.” I figured she was at least in her late 40s.

    But i don’t think she was since she IS NOW PREGNANT and has made no effort to gain weight. So I doubt her children will get to see this when they get older because they’re going to be severely damaged if she doesn’t get her act together and her priorities straight.

    Buuutt she won’t.. her type will come across comments like ours and just go “they jealous” and continue on making fools of themselves so whatever. Who cares, really?

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