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Atlanta’s Celebrities Enjoys New Global Winter WonderLand with Keri Hilson


The lovely Keri Hilson performed to a packed crowd at Atlanta’s New  Global Winter Wonderland that included some of my celebrity friends. Living in Atlanta is definitly a cultrual hubbub but Turner Fields is definitely bringing the world to our back yard. It was an amazing time for celebrity sightings and wintery fun. There were so many cute baby and kiddie celebrity sightings in the Winter Wonderland including my little homie Major from the Harris family.


Check out who else I spotted during Atlanta’s Global Winter Wonderland below.

Thanks to Global Winter Wonderland a spectacular lantern festival and multicultural theme park is bringing a little cultural fun to Turner Fields. I had the opportunity to kick it with some of my celebrity friends and their kids as Atlanta hosted its ribbon cutting ceremony.

Keri Hilson enjoying the Winter Wonderland Guests and Attractions

Mimi Faust and baby girl 

Towanda Braxton and Family

Deyjah, King, and Major Harris enjoying the Winter Wonderland

Shay Johnson and Momma Dee getting ready for the Atlanta’s Global Winter Wonderland

Momma Dee & Erica Dixon enjoying a moment during the Winter Wonderland

The New Global Winter Wonderland started on Thursday, November 21, 2013 through Sunday, January 5, 2014 at Turner Field. Atlanta Turner Fields is going to turn into a global winter wonderland allowing guests to travel around the world while viewing larger-than-life lantern designs of landmarks from countries all over the globe.


Tickets for Global Winter Wonderland are on sale now and available for purchase at or by calling 770.723.3862. Tickets are $24.99 for adults, $18.99 for seniors, and $16.99 for children. Season passes are also available at $43 for adults, $31 for seniors, and $28 for children. Prices are inclusive of all the rides and live entertainment. Children 4 and under are admitted free. Global Winter Wonderland will be open daily from 5pm-11pm.

Check it out below.

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