Atlanta’s Miss Lawrence Dishes on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” well known hairstylist Miss Lawrence is very outspoken as we all know. Lawrence can work a pair of stilettos too! There is drama as always on the reality show and especially with two new cast members Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart.  toofab’s, Lawrence Yee, caught up with Miss Lawrence to talk about the upcoming season, the cast shakeup, and of course, hair! Season 5 of the show premieres on November 4th.

toofab: Which Atlanta housewife has the best hair?

Miss Lawrence: That would always be my clients that I service on “Housewives”: Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton. I’m not being biased, it’s the truth.

toofab: Whose hairstyle did you not like?

Miss Lawrence: Kandi Burruss’ hair is [pause] not that good to me. This season her hair is looking a whole lot better and tame. She’s looking really, really pretty and softer.

toofab: You’ve styled the newest housewife Kenya Moore. What can you tell us about her?

Miss Lawrence: That’s who I’ve been with mostly this season. It’s so much fun because aside from being her hairstylist, I’ve known Kenya for awhile now; she was actually the first celebrity that I’ve ever did. She’s a former beauty queen, a Miss USA, and what better muse to have to showcase your work on?

toofab: Anything else we can expect from Season 5?

Miss Lawrence: Keep an eye out for pure drama. It’s funny because Atlanta “Housewives” is one of those shows you get the best of all worlds: you get a little bit of class, a little bit of drama, and a little bit of hood. A lot of the girls get taken out of their element and you’ll see a whole other side of them. It’s going to be a really good season.

toofab: Do you think the new girls hold their own against the old cast members?

Miss Lawrence: Kenya Moore definitely holds her own. For her to have this move to Atlanta and become a part of such a huge franchise so fast, she holds her own tremendously. Make sure you watch out for her!

toofab: What about Kim Zolciak and her spinoff show?

Miss Lawrence: I’m happy for her. Her show is doing well. She’s no longer part of “Housewives.” She moved on. Kim wanted something that showcased more of just her and her family — her being a mother and a wife. You’ll see her a few times pop in and out.

toofab: Which housewife has changed the most?

Miss Lawrence: I think the person that has changed the most is NeNe … in a good way. NeNe has definitely blossomed. NeNe has done a complete 180, She really grew into the person she was called to be: an entertainer and providing a good strong foundation for her family as a woman of color.

toofab: Have any of the housewives ever wanted to borrow your shoes or bags?

Miss Lawrence: They all divas! [laughs] They all have their own stuff anyway!

Check out the full interview by clicking here! Be sure to keep an eye out for his premium hair extension line, Androgyny Hair, coming out by the end of the year.

Source: TooFab

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  1. BaybeK8s says:

    At first glance,I thought the bottom picture with Miss Lawerence was Jaime Foxx in drag. In the other pics,he looks good though.

  2. Yuck says:

    That thing is gross.

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