Baby Surprises Nicki Minaj With Chanel


Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj

Birdman visited Nicki Minaj on the set of her new video bearing gifts.  Of course, its a nice gesture, but who does that? Who gives Chanel watches on a video set? I bet Drake gets NONE of this!!  Here are some behind the scenes shots of Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj  on the set of the new video “2012”.. Here are all the pics and video



  1. Freddy I love you and your site, but what do you have against Niki Minaj. Everytime you make a post about her you are always throwing shade. I still love you and your site.

  2. Baby always gives money and crazy gifts to his people. He does that to flaunt around town that he got made…they all some losers though so who cares.

  3. niki cannot rap..look in your heart of hearts know it it true…rhyming best-us with asbestos is not rapping, it is rhyming only…she is pure eye-candy entertainment, with nothing to say and I cannot believe the number of people eating it up..before you get angry, i have a right to my opinion


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