Bacardi Execs Attend Jezebel Magazine Most Eligible Party at Tongue n Groove


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.57.22 PMBacardi Regional Director Steve Messer and staff attend Jezebel Magazine‘s Most Eligible Party at Tongue and Groove in Atlanta. A Casino night theme, club models and Greygoose Spirits were all a part of the celebration! The Greenroom Agency owner Nyssa Green, Atlanta tastemakers, paparazzi and  actors Ali Amin, J Randall, and Marcus (who you will see in the upcoming Antman)along with the magazines Most Eligible were all in the house. Check out the festive night 

Ali Amin, Tongue n Groove Model and actor  J Randall
Ali Amin, Tongue n Groove Model and actor J Randall

So many festive things were going on inside Tongue and Groove (pretty Model)

CasinoNight-jezebelLooks like somebody’s got Black Jack! Way to go Jezebel Magazine! Great spin!

Ali-redcarpetAli Amin Hits the Red Carpet!

JRandall-jezebelActor J.C. Randall @thejrandallexperience Follow him on instagram

Jezebel-MostEligiblePartying it up with Jezebel Magazine

blondeGooseDrinkerLooking good there! What cha drinking?

greygooseWaitressOh is that what you are drinking?

TnGfrontdeskThe staff at Tongue and Groove was so pleasant upon arrival! Thanks!

partySceneThis is what was awaiting us inside! It was party city! Greygoose spirits #TurnUp

GG-Ali-JrandAre they trying to figure out what to do with that bottle? Lets find a couple to help


MarcusjrandallI think they like the model

JrandallJRichardJ. Randall Jonell PR and Richard with Bacardi



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