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Back At Again Artist Mr. Mase Is Set Release New Music

Artist Mr. Mase is the best of who he is. Mr. Mase short time goal is to grind until it pays off or just lose effort in music. With music being an expression of yourself to the world, there are so many different types of expressions of music.


Shining some light on the fact that he came up with a few artists that have gone mainstream that broke through, Mr. Mase is ready to make his humble entrance into the music industry. Unlike other artist that forget about when they started and how it was hard to break into the music industry receiving countless amount of  “no’s ” they were told before they got their  “yes”, Mr. Mase is ready to speak the universal language of music Artist Mr. Mase is sure to release his music to write his own story.

If you would like to hear more of Mr. Mase, you can catch his music on Facbook Mr. Mase Music, Twitter: @Mr.Mase256, IG: g.d.b.boss & Facebook: #Letswork

Written by Ajeania Green

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