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Back Together Again: Chris Brown and Karrueche

CB x KrucheSo its safe to say that nothing is coming between these two.  But last night it looks like Chris Brown made the first move. Peep the story below and then peep the video of Chris Brown jumping in the back of jeep with Karrueche.  This relationship is not eve close to being over!

Photo Credit: InstagramSo the story goes a littel something like this…

Karrueche’s BFF Christina Milian was hosting a night at the famous LA nightclub Playhouse.  Chris Brown pulled up to the club in a Lamborghini and later on that night Karrueche pulled up with a truck full of her friends.  Chris Brown must have laid on some real thick game, and Karrueche must have ate it all up, because Chris ended up pushing her friends to the side to hop in the truck with Karrueche!  And he even sat on her lap.  Peep the vid!

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