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Bad D*ck?… The Real Reason Kevin Hart and Torrei Hart Got A Divorce?

HSK has uncovered the real reason which led to the divorce of Kevin and Torrei Hart, earlier this year.  Torrei says she didn’t sign up to be a stay at home mom, and strives to be a celebrity – like her comedian ex-husband.

Here’s the drama:

“Kevin wanted to have kids with a traditional wife, but Torrei didn’t see it that way. Torrei was jealous of Kevin, she didn’t want to be a stay at home mom – she wanted to be a comedian too and she was jealous of Kevin’s success.

HSK says Torrei is a comedian? She only got gigs because she was Kevin’s wife, she’s a horrible comedian. Kevin moved his family out here for a better life, he got what he wanted and lost his wife.”

Check out the video to hear  Torrei talk about how men cheat, and how she had been with the same Dic* for the last 6 years and was over it !!!

In other news Hart’s ex-wife Torrei recently attempted to assault his attorney Debra Opri during a hearing for their divorce proceedings in Los Angeles RadarOnline reports.

Hart filed for divorce from Torrei last year 2011. The divorce was recently finalized and they were in court for post divorce matters, and the judge sanctioned Torrei, causing her to become irate and combative. ”

At the conclusion of the hearing in which the judge ordered Torrei to pay Debra Opri’s legal fees for a filing motion Torrei was absolutely livid that she had been ordered to pay a portion of Kevin’s legal fees, and she lunged at Debra Opri, who was in the hallway at this point. Several sheriff’s deputies had to restrain Torrei and separated the two.

Torrei said that Opri was a ‘b*tch,’ and Opri was shaken up after the incident. Torrei wasn’t arrested,” an eyewitness told RadarOnline exclusively.

Kevin’s powerhouse attorney brokered the divorce which gives him joint custody of the former couple’s two children, and our sources tell us he is a devoted dad. “Kevin pays Torrei child support and just wishes that Torrei would get over the bitter feelings she has towards him for the sake of the children,” the insider tells us.

Here’s a photo of Kevin’s new boo Eniko!!! (Click To See More Photos)

Here’s How Torrei Got Started With Comedy 

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