Bandage For New iPhone 4 Antenna Problem??



If you haven’t heard, the new iPhone 4 has had significant issues as far as reception, and a company has developed a “bandaid” to help correct the problem (July 20). Apparently, this little bandage, or antennaid, is supposed to circumvent the attena issue, and is sure to be a conversation piece…now that you can actually talk on the phone without the calls dropping.Two clever designers have come up with a cool solution to address the problem so you won’t even need to wait for one of those free Apple iPhone Bumpers.  Under the tagline “Apple made a boo-boo. Make it all better”, the duo have released Antenn-aid which are small Bandage shaped stickers made to cover the sensitive area of the iPhone 4’s antenna frame.


  1. all that money ppl paid for this phone, now u got put a tacky azz bandage on it….they betta be free


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