Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed wants the Media to Stop Picking on her Son



Royce Reed wants the public to stop picking on her son’s Braylon Howard’s photos.

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Basketball Wives Royce Reed is very open about her life and her son’s life on social media. Braylon Howard is the son of NBA baller Dwight Howard. Royce is famous for sharing candid moments of her son with her loving fans. Royce as an accomplished dancer and entertainer shared photos of Braylon dancing and having fun. Well the the public had alot to say about the photos. Comments ranged from cute to gay really fast. As a proud mama Royce wants everybody to know that slamming her son is off limits. Check out her message on Instagram below:


We agree with Royce 100%. Braylon is a little boy who comes from a very athletic family. Royce Reed is a dancer and Dwight Howard is a basketball superstar. We can infer that their baby would share in this athletisim and probably can stretch, jump, and run with the best of them. Hopefully this matter can be brushed under the rug and won’t come back to haunt him. As adults we have a tendency to put our insecurities and ideals on children. STRETCH on BRAYLON!

What do you think about the pictures of Braylon dancing and doing splits?

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  1. Shame on whoever is calling that child names. Shame on his mother for not using common sense. You are his protector. Not his agent. Keep his pics off the net.

  2. u are scum of the earth when u tlk abt a child everyone is gay crazy when a child is acting like they shuld b dancing arnd whether girl or boy then it has to b gay there are some sick ppl in this world

  3. i agree with royce, i don’t have a problem with the pix, i just don’t like the pix with his leg in the air-a little too much for a child abuser to look at. other then that teach


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