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It seems like one of every bodys favorite Basketball Wives Tami Roman has a lot to talk about.  Recently she dished about a   few topics near and dear to her; ranging from giving advice to her daughters, her new boyfriend, and lessons learned from her divorce from retired Basketball star Kenny Anderson.

Advice given to her teen-age daughters Jazz and Lyric:

“What I’m teaching them is that I firmly believe you have find somebody that is
equally yoked. And there is no perfect mate. That person does not exist. So you
have to be realistic in what it is that you want. And when you look in the
mirror at that person — when you look in the mirror at self, first you have to
be honest about what it is that you want. And now you’ve got to find that
reflection in the man that you have to sit across from every day.”

Kenny Anderson and the Divorce

“For me, having been in a relationship with Kenny,
I always wanted to have the house, the cars, just the finer things in life. And
that’s what I asked God for and God gave me that.

You have to make changes within yourself, and
that’s what I did. I fell all the way down to the bottom. I allowed people to
dictate what type of house I should have, what type of car I should drive, what
type of friend. I lost family members. I lost close friends . . . I lost a lot
being in that relationship. And I fell all the way to the bottom and I got on my
knees and I said, “Lord help me.”. . . I became a victim of the lifestyle — of
what I thought I should be and how I should act and how I should present myself.
I really did forget the Tami that would go to my cousin’s house and sleep on the
twin bed. It took me falling down to come back to being myself. So I was able to
attract that kind of person now.”

Someone that’s gonna look out for me and take
care of me the way that I thought a man was supposed to do. I got that and it
wasn’t a pleasant place. So when I separated and eventually divorced Kenny, Now
my thought process was, please send me somebody that’s God-fearing. Somebody who
understands family. Somebody who has morals. Somebody who respects women.
Someone who values commitment and things like that. And that’s what I got. And
that to me is more important than being able to go into Louis Vuitton and get
the latest handbag.”

Keeping “Bastketball Wife” Tami away from current boyfriend, movie director Jerry LaMothe:

“Oh, my boyfriend doesn’t watch ‘Basketball
Wives.’ He feels that you can easily be railroaded with a show like this,
because they have one mission, which is to show us in a dramatic light. And most
of the time you see us arguing and it looks like people are going back and forth
and that’s not all we do. (laughs) You know there one plenty of moments where
we’re having a good time, we’re laughing, we’re joking. I have a charity,
Shaunie came to my charity. We helped out a young girl through a semester of
college. The will never show that stuff.”

Well look at that… A side we normally don’t get to see from Ms.Roman, it’s nice to see the progression she made and her not always being on the defensive side. Keep it up Tami.

What y’all think about her life situations and advice to fellow loved ones?

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  1. Wait, she wants someone who respects women but yet she beats other women upside their heads. I’m confused. In any event, I’m glad that she come to some type of clarity as to what she now wants out of life.

  2. I think that Tami is an intelligent woman. She’s relatable and she’s finding happiness. Does she have an anger problem? Yes! But that does not rule out the good in her and this is why I like her


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