Beanie Sigel Threatens To Smack Drake + Goes In On Jay Z


The Broad Street Bully Beanie Sigel is crazy upset over how Hov and Rockafella did him while he was in prison. Loyalty was apparently null and void, except for Juelz Santana being at every court date. This appears to be a rap beef in the making, with Sigel calling out younger rappers who roll with Hov….Drake in particular.

How you gone stand there and look in my face..judge ask you if we release him into your custody will you be responsible, and you say no?? I was shackled from my waist to my feet and hands. And they put me in the hole…

The only thing I regret about that Rockafella shit is I went at my nigga Kiss, and I did that shit for you nigga. Cuz you knew Kiss woulda beat that ass.

Popping them lil slurs on Drake and them records. And Ima tell yall lil fuckers something, yall keep letting him come on yall records popping shit, Ima start coming at yall lil niggas. Slap the shit outta Drake bitch ass. I have no problem seeing any of yall on sight.

Click to see Beans in action below.

By: Xavier B.

14 responses to “Beanie Sigel Threatens To Smack Drake + Goes In On Jay Z”

  1. butter says:

    Omg, like seriously? Enough is enough. Everytime I read a story about beanie siegel, its about him dissing jay z. We get it you’re mad they left you to sit in a jail cell. If I was in their position I would have done the same thing. It’s not their responsibility to take care of a grown ass man who evidently is so child like he can’t keep his ass out of trouble. You fucked up your own money, don’t nobody owe you for that. Let’s face it, that’s what the real issue is here, money, not loyalty. All this negative energy he is puttin into jayz, he should be puttin that same effort and energy into trying to sell an album and make him some money. Jayz isn’t worried about him and neither is drake for that matter. That’s the problem he damn near 40-50 years old talkin bout he goin smack somebody. When will he grow da hell up?

  2. SexyMOM says:

    Yes, I agree—-and he’s also hating on Drake!!!! This is sooo funny to me…(LOL)-hahaha—yes, he sounds like lil kid or a bully…(LOL)–hahaha

  3. MRS.EASSON says:

    GROW THE HELL UP BEANIE!! Every action has a consequence. Apparently you think someone is supposed to make everything all better. That nigga ain’t yo momma, he’s not gonna stand up for you knowing you are DEAD WRONG. You do the crime you got to do the time. PERIOD!

  4. Nia says:

    …You woudnt even make it within 5 feet of either of them, security would whoop yo ass! and since when do you earn respect by threatening Drake?!?!? he’s not gangsta at all. Man up and accept responsibility for your own actions dummy!! This is proof Jay was smart by distancing himself

  5. Collected says:

    I do think jay is selfish…but not in this instance..i mean for goodness sakes jay gave beans his own clothing line, but his records out and $$ in his pockets

    and bc u cant stay away from the street long enough not to get caught Jay suppose to watch you like some child….and as far as drake…let me say this UNIVERSAL RECORDS WILL NOT LET YOU NO WHERE NEAR THEIR CASH COW OF THE MOMENT….YOU HIT DRAKE..YOUR DEATH WILL BE A MYSTERY.

    these record companies aint play with your “thug” mentality….they have $$ to make. and they have more power than beans…who ever makes the most $ at the time they are signed to the label gets the most protection

  6. phoenix says:


  7. ChaseB says:

    Fuck Beans…he’s broke and trying to promote his next album. He needs to be accountable for his own actions. He needs to stop looking for a free ride from Jay and stop trying to go at Drake b/c he is what’s hot right now…So yea, FUCK BEANS!!!

  8. Tiff says:

    Dam u people must be New school.. Where have u all been the early ROC days??
    WTF!!!!! Dang people Beans is street point blank.. He dnt give a F about consequences and blowing things off.. Dam do u all understand the Fake ass jay zee.. He was suppose to be so dam street and hard.. Lil Kim is more street she didn’t snitch and did time.. Heck Martha Stewart is more street than gay zee..
    BeanS has every right to be pissed!! Do ur research…
    Dam jay has Bleek with him another hood guy..
    Jay flip the script and left dude hanging.. Biggie and PAC would have nver did that..
    I understand peopl grow and change however a real hood gangsta knows how to manage both worlds and loyalty speaks volumes..

  9. ROBADON says:


  10. mekamac says:

    DAMN drake was quick 2 diss lil kim, but i bet he will NEVER reply 2 BEANS!!!

  11. XOX says:

    i feel bad for this nigga for real jay did him wrong yall..x

  12. Camryn says:

    OK… Did some of you forget that Beans is a GRWON A** MAN?! I really think this sh*t is pitiful. Old school or not…. He is GROWN and therefore responsible for his own Sh*t!! I mean come on!! Jay did him wrong? Really? I disagree!! The bottomline is that Beans is a GROWN A** MAN. Is he street? Absolutely. Does he sound like a straight CHILD? Absolutely. Threatening Drake. LOL Come on! Let it GO Beans! All the time he spends running his mouth should be devoted to making a come up album or something D*MN! lol

  13. BEmery says:

    Yes Beans is responsible for his own actions but just think if you happen to get in a legal situation and you’re standing in court and your friends tell the judge no as if you guys never knew each other. Pissed?? Without a doubt a true person would have told the judge Yes and then let the friendship with Beans go because Karma sucks blood. Beans has to be responsible for his own actions but we all make mistakes period. As for Drake well people are riders all day and night. A few years the same people that scream they love Drake will find a way to jump on the bandwagon of dissing him I’m sure. Leave Beans alone and stop sucking on those who are “hott” in the media right now. He’s upset and may have valid reasoning.

  14. datGurl! says:

    These ni@@as need to grow up! Especially Beanie. Like the person said above, its not like they owe him a dayumm thing and he is the one who flucked up his money. Jay Z and Drake aint worried about him ‘seein’ them’. They got too many bodyguards for that…

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