Beats By Dre Files Lawsuit Against Counterfeit Headphone Sellers



Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics is taking action against the sale of fake Beats by Dre headphones. When you create something good it’s expected that copy cats will come out and try to jump in the money. Dr. Dre’s Beats Electrionics got something for that….

Check out the details below.

According to court documents obtained by, Beats has filed a lawsuit against several China-based websites that peddle the phony headphones.  Apparently, the websites have raked in more than 135-billion-dollars from the knock-offs.  Dre’s camp is suing for the ill-gotten profits as well as the rights to the domain names where the fakes are sold.

Dr. Dre and his Beats Electronics co-founder Jimmy Iovine recently sold the company to Apple for three-billion-dollars.

That’s a whole lot of money! Do you think that the fakes should pay up?

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