Behind the scenes of Bobby V’s video shoot for “Words”



 Bobby V wants less mouth and more action from his girl on the intoxicating “Words.” The single, set to appear on his fourth album Fly on the Wall, bears production from The Pentagon (formerly known as The Underdogs) and showcases the R&B singer crooning such choice lines as, “You want me to believe that you ain’t even like that/ Baby show me that you ain’t even like that/ Words don’t mean that much to me.” “This song is very representative of what my forthcoming album, Fly on the Wall, will sound like, It’s been a while since I’ve released a true R&B record as a single.

Everyone that buys my albums always falls in love with my ballads, which are my favorite to make. Honestly, I’ve been a little scared to release them as singles because mainstream radio caters more towards hip-hop and uptempo R&B records. It’s definitely a harder sell because a lot of records break in the club and DJs rarely play slow music in the club. I can’t remember the last time I saw anybody slow dancing in the club. I wish those days would come back. I know times have changed but I’m definitely up for the challenge.” Although Bobby V. and I are the same height, I still like him!



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