Best New Artist Grammys 2011: Was Justin Bieber Robbed By Esperanza Spalding?



Last night was the 53rd Annual Grammys and everybody who was somebody was in attendance. However, I really can’t say that I paid much attention.The hype around the show was at an all time high. The most shocking moment of the night had to have been the winner of the best new artist category…Esperanza Spalding.

“I really didn’t think it was going to be me,” the Jazz singer tells MTV news. This win makes Esperanza Spalding the first jazz artist to ever win Best New Artist at the Grammys. A few of her accomplishments included touring with Prince on his Welcome 2 America Tour and performing in the White House.

According to the AP “From the time Esperanza Spalding appeared on the scene in 2005, the dynamic singer, bassist, composer and arranger has been heralded as jazz’s next big thing,”

I think everybody thought that the award was either going to Bieber or Drake.

Here’s Justin Bieber’s Performance.

I kind of feel bad for her because it seems that everybody did NOT want her to win. She’s had to have worked just as hard as Bieber or Drake to even get the nomination so why shouldn’t she win?

What do yall think? Did Esperanza Spalding deserve the win?

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  1. Esperanza deserved it, hands down. Justin Bieber was shitting diapers when Esperanza was on the scene, on her music grind. What I did notice (and appreciate) was that this year, while the focus was on the ‘pop’ (…including rappers or r&b singers in the ‘pop’ category), the awards went to the groups that released lyrically and musically dynamic work. Not the pop song that everyone buys into, but music that took a lot of musicianship and in depth song writing to create. I think some people got their panties in a wade if Rihanna, Justin, or Cee-Lo didn’t take all the cred, but when a microphone or pro-tools are present, its what is left that counts as talent- thus the grammy awards winners…

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  2. Yes She deserved to win. Just because Drake and Justin are popular artist with popular hits doesn’t many that the QUALITY of their music is better than hers. Music has just turned into a popularity contest Wayne can get on a track and rap green eggs and ham and it’s a instant hit because of his name. Yet the Quality of it was garbage so YES she deserved it. She put in just as much work as Drake and Justin she’s just slept on. Let her Shine damn!

  3. She deserved to win because she actually has talent, unlike Bieber. If Bieber won, I’d lose total faith in the Grammys. Most of the time the winners are just the most mainstream artists, not necessarily the most talented.


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