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BET Hip Hop Awards Show and Afterparty Information



I got all the information on the BET Hip Hop Awards Show and Afterparty.

Check out the details below.

People have been blowing my phone up trying to get the details on all of the BET ACTIVITIES, AWARD SHOW, and AFTER PARTIES. I am the man that’s always in the know so I have the details for you all below. Keep in mind that if you are attending the Awards Show doors open at 1:00 pm. I suggest you get there early for that. Also, the big homie TIP is celebrating his birthday at a private location and some of everybody is throwing a party, brunch, event to celebrate the BET AWARDS. In the words of the homie Kevin Hart “It’s about to go DOWN!”. Get in where you fit in…….YEP!

Check out our list below.


Be sure to check back later because the party invites keep rolling in. Also there’s exclusive parties, brunches, and gifting suites all over town. Atlanta turn up and join me for all the BET AWARDS fun and shenanigans.

Are you ready?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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