Beyonce and Jay-Z Might Be Performing At The Royal Wedding



The royal wedding is just around the corner, and it is no surprise that there is also huge anticipation surrounding the wedding party. Superstar couple Beyonce and Jay-Z have reportedly been asked to perform at the royal wedding reception of Prince William and Kate Middleton. If this story is true this just might be one of the biggest weddings of all time.

A source told the Daily Star: “They really wanted to make their big day more special and what better way than by getting pop royalty to perform at the party?

“Will and Kate have an official reception for hundreds of dignitaries before throwing a less formal bash for loved-ones.”

The Palace refused to confirm or deny whether the stars have accepted the invite. Here are some pic’s of Beyonce striking curious poses on the balcony of The Ritz in Paris for a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot. P.S. the hotel that B and Jay is saying at over seas is 20,000 dollars a night. Talking bout spending money !! WOW thats what I said!!!!



  1. Williams and Middleton’s wedding will be the most remarkable so most of the world news papers and t.v. channels are awaiting to capture their wedding events and also this wedding event is a hot topic at least for a month after wedding if she will be participate in some social activities so many people will remember them for their life long i wish both of them have a nice wedding.


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