Beyonce Got A New Little Sister + Paternity Test Confirm That Yes Mathew Knowles Is The Father



A snitch just told that Alexsandra Wright, the woman who filed a paternity suit against Mathew Knowles months ago, recently gave birth to a daughter. This is the baby mama pictured above..

Word is that the DNA tests just came back – confirming that the child is, in fact, a Knowles. As we reported earlier, Beyonce’s mom Tina OFFICIALLY filed to divorce Mathew in November. reached out to our people who are very close to their camp and they also said that yes Mathew Knowles is the father, and all of Mathews friends have been doging him out for that..


  1. The bad part about it is that w/ all the diseases in the world today & over 100 sex diseases evolving yearly, he went w/o a CONDOM. That’s soooooo sick. Now see it backfired on him..the woman straight PLAYED him & now suing him. He’s so self-centered that he actually thought she thought the world of him & hadn’t any motives. That’s what his azz gets, and I know he feels like a zip daym fool

    And for the record, most don’t consider it a half sibling unless it came from the mother…not the father. A man can stick his pee pee in anything & spit s(perm). But when your fetus was seeded, nurtured, & birthed from the same woman…thats a REAL BOND in family.

  2. I’ve said many times before that if a WOMAN regardless of who she is allows a MAN to come back to her after finding out he’s had sex with another MAN OR WOMAN she gets what she deserves!

    It doesn’t take a pregnancy to tell you that you should’ve cut this man off a long time ago!


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