Beyonce Launches ‘Pulse’ Fragrance In NYC


Beyonce was seen in NYC today shimmering at the launch of her fragrance Pulse. The event for the launch was held at Dream Downtown. From the pics, we can tell that Bey is starting to get bigger! I’m starting to think that jackets are going to be her signature must have for her outfits during her pregnancy.

Of course Queen Bey smiled and glowed the entire time that she was there. Looks like even though she’s pregnant, she’s not going to stop working. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me because Bey is known for being a workaholic.

Luckily, Mama Tina is there right by her side all the time which doesn’t hurt. I would venture to say that Tina has something to do with the outfits that Beyonce has been wearing during her pregnancy. I have never seen a woman so fashionable during her pregnancy. Go Beyonce!

I haven’t smelled the new fragrance yet but I’m sure it’s going to sell like hot cakes. Any of you ladies tried it out yet?

This is just yet another way of Bey setting the standard: pregnant, beautiful, and hard working. What do you think of her sequined outfit for this event? Are you going to buy Pulse?



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