Beyoncé – ‘Love On Top’ {Official Video}


Following the October 6 release of her video, “Countdown,” Beyonce has unleashed the full-length visual for her latest single, “Love On Top.” The release surfaces a month and a half after the Pop star performed the upbeat track during this year’s annual MTV Video Music Awards where she revealed her pregnancy.

My only question is when did she record this video before or after the baby bump? What yall think? Here’s the video


  1. the 4ever shrinking/appearing baby bump…lol. This broad. I hope that fetus is okay in there with all that shaking..

  2. Of course her camp will say she shot this before the baby but I don’t beleive anything that comes from her, her husband or her camp. They are all narcissistic liars. Im sure Beyonce will release nude pics of her belly soon because she always has to “prove” everybody wrong. I don’t care if she does show “a” belly. I still don’t put anything past her

  3. This VIDEO & Many Others Were Shot In JULY & August…..WAY Before The Baby Bump Is Visible….People Get Over It, It Was Reported Long Ago She Shot Videos During The Early Summer….And Get Out Of Her Stomach….


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