Beyoncé Releases “4” Album Track List, Readies New Single 1+1, And Performs On American Idol Twice


Beyoncé season has truely begun! The entertainer has upped he promotion for new album, 4, with a released tracklist of the album, along with TWO appearances on the finale episode of the most watched TV program in the country, American Idol.

Taking to Facebook, Beyoncé slowly released the album’s song titles in hourly updates.

The tracklist includes a contribution from Rapper Andre 3000, the only feature on the album. Singer Frank Ocean has also tweeted that a song he worked with the singer on is also featured on the tracklist.

Hours later, Beyoncé performed twice on American Idol. First taking to the stage early on in the show, the singer joined the female American Idol contestants for a rousing performance of her first solo hit, Crazy In Love.

The performance was quick but very good, but we all know Beyoncé always delivers on this front.

An hour later she returned for an emotional performance of her brand new single “1+1”.

The performance was great, serving as a reminder to anyone that has counted Beyoncé out as a vocalist that she can SANG.

The ballad and single artwork were then rushed to iTunes immediately to coincide with the performance.

Needless to say shes ON IT. Expect a lot more Beyoncé in the weeks to come as we get closer to her album’s release date. Check out some more pictures of Beyoncé performing + her album tracklist and tell me what y’all think!

Beyoncé ‘4′ Tracklisting

1. 1+1

2. I Care

3. I Miss You

4. Best Thing I Never Had

5. Party (Featuring Andre 3000)

6. Rather Die Young

7. Start Over

8. Love On Top

9. Countdown

10. End of Time

11. I Was Here

‎12. RunTheWorld (Girls)



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