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Beyonce Says She Hates Jay-Z’s Smell

Pregnancy is really starting to get to Beyonce. The diva told fans in an interview that since she has been pregnant, her husband Jay-Z’s scent is getting to her and not in a good way. Queen (or shall I say King?) Bey sat down with Entertainment Tonight Canada and let them know all about it.

Beyonce elaborated on her sense of smell since she’s been pregnant saying:

“Oh! My nose is like ‘doot, doot, doot’! I smell everything! It enhances it. If it smells bad, I smell it! My husband’s fragrance, his one that I always love, I hate right now. So, thank God I love this one.”

I wonder what other things Beyonce’s sensitive nose is against. Ladies, what smells did your nose say no-no to when you were pregnant?

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