Beyonce To Release A Cookbook?


Today several sources have been swarming with  news that Beyonce is planning to release a cookbook. This comes as surprising news being that the superstar is known for her singing, dancing, and acting. Beyonce did recently open up about how she wants to start a family by the time she’s 40 so I guess she’s planning accordingly. Sources say that she was inspired to author a cookbook because of her friend Gwyneth Paltrow, who has released her own cookbook. Recipes that she would like to include in her cookbook are her mom Tina’s collard greens, mac n’cheese, corn bread, and fried chicken. This business venture will be interesting if the book ever does materialize. Would you ever cook anything put out in a cookbook by Beyonce?

Spotted @Daily News & Analysis


  1. This doesn’t make sense because Beyonce have stated in numerous interviews that she does not cook! Who would buy a cook book from someone who can’t even cook. I like Beyonce but if that cook bokk sells we as a people is dumber than I thought

  2. Hell No! I have not bought anything she has to sell because there is nothing GOOD in anything that she does that will enhance my life for the better! She can’t even do an interview! Sex sells and she does that VERY well!


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