BEYONCE’S ‘Epic’ Movie Lands #4…Not as ‘EPIC’ Of A WIN




Unfortunately, BEYONCE your movie “EPIC” was just not a win.

I mean 4 is your number, so I guess that you are happy either way.  However, did you really spend most of your time promoting on the blogs and commercials?


Her last big movie “OBSESSED” debuted at number 1 with $28.5 million…

According to  The Atlantic….

1. Fast & Furious 6 (Universal) : $98.5 million in 3,658 theaters , now we personally had an insider to watch this movie and it is worth every single penny!!! We truly understand how LUDACRIS and friends topped this BOX OFFICE LIST.

2. The Hangover 3 (Warner) : $42.4 million in 3,555 theaters, just when we thought that they were done-SURPRISE!!! Here’s another one, and even through the rain the people still came and supported.

3. Star Trek : Into Darkness (Paramount) : $38 million in 3,907 theaters, Paramount ran into a little situation with this one when they came to Atlanta; however, they still came out fighting for the TOP 3 spot.

4. Epic (Fox) : $34.2 million in 3,2 theaters, Epic or should we think #EpicFail? Well at least it made the Top 5. Maybe everyone is still watching your last movie that you made and aired on HBO.

5. Iron Man 3 (Buena Vista) : $19.4 million in 3,424 theaters, the hype slightly died, but we still love the Iron Man movies!



  1. That’s great because it top her last movie in money which came in at #1. Epic was going up against some big time heavy weight movies, so considering that it was an success


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