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Beyonce’s New Bangin’ ‘Do is Met with Mixed Reviews…

Beyoncé's new hairdo

Usually we LOVE everything that our beloved King Bey does! However, she has not won over everyone over with her new hairdo.

Check out the details below!

So Beyoncé and beautiful family have spent a lot of time overseas recently. The trio were photographed yesterday as they arrived in London after vacationing in Paris. Yes, Blue Ivy made some really cute faces as she was held by her daddy and her braided halo was cute too but ALL the focus was on the new hairstyle Beyoncé was rocking! The style featured very short, fringed bangs with the rest of her hair cascading past her shoulders.

I love that Beyoncé is constantly switching up her style. She commands attention anywhere she goes and this little change up is proof of that! People will always be watching what she does in music and in fashion because she is, quite honestly, a trendsetter in both departments! Apparently some fans and non-fans had much to say about the new ‘do. Some completely loved the dramatic look and others just were not for it.

Honestly, I think that if Beyonce likes her hair then that’s enough for me! Who am I to criticize King Bey?! Do your thing, mama! What do you think of the new hair? Comment below!

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