Big Hit Leaves Rutgers Football Player Paralyzed + NFL Cracks Down On Big Hits


This weekend was a wild weekend for football. There were several big hits in the NFL, including one notable hit on Philadelphia Eagles Desean Jackson. He can’t remember the vicious collision that left him with a concussion e after he was injured in a nasty head-on crash with Atlanta cornerback Dunta Robinson. Well…in college football, 22 yr old Rutgers player Eric LeGrand , shown in the video above, actully broke his neck in a terrible collision. LeGrand, who grew up 15 minutes from Rutgers Stadium, was hurt late in the fourth quarter while making a tackle on Malcolm Brown on the kickoff return after Rutgers tied the score at 17. LeGrand lay on the turf for at least five minutes while being treated.

As far as Jackson is concerned, had soreness in his neck and shoulders a day after the blast.

The NFL is considering suspending players for illegal hits in an effort to help prevent serious injuries, NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson told The Associated Press on Monday after several scary collisions Sunday.

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