Billboard Confirms Beyonce’s Single Release Date



Fans went crazy over the 6 second promo Wednesday, but they were unsure what was going to happen. Then today she released her new Pepsi Commercial “Mirrors” which featured the song “Grown Woman,”which was produced by Timbaland and now everyone wants the whole song. The wait is over… Read more inside.

Billboard confirms that April 8th, 2013, the single will be released fully. Let the countdown to Beyonce begin.

Are you excited about finally getting a WHOLE Beyonce song? Beyonce has amped fans and enemies alike up with snippets of songs but finally she will release a single.

Plus from the few seconds that we can hear of “Grown Woman” it seems like the diva is still here to empower women. She called herself a modern feminist in British Vogue.


  1. BeyoncĂ© know what she is doing she gives you a sneak peak to just tease you and wait several days so that you can drawl over her music… Good strategy King B do your thing ma… cant wait till the new single comes out I know it going to be a banger that everyone loves to rock …

  2. oh god here we go again powerful woman female power bashing men again when is bey gonna do something new different well if she keeps giving out the same crap and people keep buying the same crap then she is making her money of many dumb asses


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