Billboard Music Awards Producers Told Miguel to Drop the Stage Jump



Miguel is in some more HOT WATER according to media sources because he was told by Billboard Music Awards producers to drop the stage jump from his performance last month.

Miguel made an epic FAIL when he attempted to leap across an audience pit the stage while performing “Adorn” and landed on a fan standing in the crowd at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony.

Producers told Miguel to DROP the jump after he asked the producers if it could be apart of his act. Billboard Music Awards Producers said that the stunt would be too dangerous. Miguel attempted to do it anyway and now he has a lawsuit on his hands. Khyati Shah the victim of Miguel’s leap is said to have some serious head injuries both cognitive and neurological in nature. The verdict is still out about the extent of Ms. Shah injuries but it seems like Billboard Music Awards might be exempt from blame.


Miguel will be adorning the pockets of Ms. Shah if the injuries are serious as it seems.

In the future Miguel save the stunts for the bedroom.

What do you think about the latest in the Miguel’s Billboard Stage Jump?

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