Birthday Bash 15, Part 1: The Luda Show + Video Performance With Ciera



This past weekend, Saturday June 19th, marked 107.9’s 15th annual Birthday Bash celebration in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was star studded. Everyone from Plies, to Ricky Ross, Shorty Low, Monica, to Ciera, Rocko and a host of others were all in the building. Former Hot 107.9 intern and radio personality Ludacris hit the Birthday Bash stage, bringing out Trina, Diamond, Tity Boi and Stuey Rock. It went down to say the least. Make sure you all go and pic up a bottle of that Conjure Cognac also. This event was sponsored by Magnum condoms. Check out all the pictures below.

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  1. Cie-Cie is lip syncing, and why does she feel that she has to be so raunchy? does she think that will help her to sell records? WRONG!!!

  2. ok so ppl praise Luda’s girl for not being an average video vixen and for being a med student , but I wonder since meeting him is she still in med school ? I know plenty of med students and being at all of these events would be the furthest thing from there minds because they wouldn’t have the time.

  3. @rhagans give me a break it’s a stage outfit so stfu. as for her lippin im not sure but i know that there are background vocals. either way she ripped the stage

  4. @Rhagans Shut your dick sucker up and stop hating on Ci Ci and enjoy the show. Go get laid or something sissy.

  5. luda please do me a favor and do da oppisite of ur with t-pain put da bottle down and don’t take another drink


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