Bishop Eddie Long’s 5th Accuser Found


Atlanta’s Fox News 5 was able to track down Bishop Eddie Long’s 5th accuser, Centino Kemp, leaving a recording studio Wednesday.

The 22-year old Kemp visited the Long’s church a few years back on a trip up from Florida. Kemp never joined in on the lawsuit, but according to Fox 5, complicated the settlement process substantially.

All of the accusers settled outside of court, including Kemp, and for a secret amount of money. But the relationship between Long and Kemp was real enough that Kemp had Long’s name tattooed on his arm, and underneath it “Never a mistake, Always a Lesson.”

Kemp is currently recording music in the studio and has an active page. He recently dropped this video after the story came out, discussing how he is simply a human being:

He also dropped a song:

Will we be hearing more from Centino? Will he be using his new found fame to promote his music career? Will anybody else show up to get some of Bishop Eddie Long’s duckets? Stay tuned for the next episode.


  1. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS IN ORDER TO GET THE PICTURE! THANKS!!!!! Eddie as I will call him is so sad. First of all the things he have done, if he did them, he should not be blamed New Birth members should be blamed not him, because they worshiped him as though he was God, just because you are A Bishop or a Reverened, or an Evangelist, that does not mean that you should be called that at all times that is just your position, not your name, so every one is going around addressing him as Bishop, made him fell as though he was special and different, and the best, which prompted him to think as if he could do anything because he was the Bishop, and being allowed to think he was the greatiest, led him into not focusing on God himself, this led him into believing that the word of God was already entered into his soul, and he could do things differently from others because he was the Bishop. Personally I do not believe any of this stuff about him, if the news is accurate, one of the young men went to Fla. trying to get more money I don’t know how much he settled for, but I am sure he did not need to sell drugs yet, surely he wasn’t broke. Now take a look at those pics of Eddie in they bathroom, they don’t look real, it look as though some one placed his head on some one else body (check it out) I have beeen given a gift to be able to identify, such things a pictures, people personalities, and in a lot of cases some of the ways that people think, most of the times I am right,(thanking God for the gift)
    now this man with the tattoo, we don’t know when he got that on his arm, probably the same day he thought about he wanted some money, maybe he did know Eddie, but we should live and let live, if Eddie did this, who knows how he has already paid for this, one way is by facing his family and other people every day. Two people know for sure if he did this God, because he know all about us , and his wife here on earth, because we know our husband, and when we hear things about our mates good or bad, given enough time to put two an two togeather, we know, we may not admit to it but we know. If he did thes things God has already wiped his slate clean, look at yourself, what have you done lately? His wife will forgive him if we just leave it alone, and let her think for herself. Things to think about for who ever is reading this. I hope Eddie get a chance to read this.

    I have no Heaven, nor do I have a hell, and I don’t want no hell

  2. People, are funny, i tried to understand them, but i just can’t. They will do shit, for no reason, just to be doing shit, and that’s because they think they can or you let them. If you show them you’re not putting up with their shit any longer, then a lot of bull shitttt! will stop. You digggggg!


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