Biz Markie Helped Nick Cannon Smash His First 30 year Old At Age 17+ Stripclubs & Groupies!!!



For those who are skeptical about the relationship between Nick Cannon, 29, and Mariah Carey, now 40…its all because of the Biz Markie who turned him on to older chics at the age of 17…and they TURN HIM OUT. Nick Cannon started off like many teenagers trying to get into entertainment…he had a rap group that never made it big. He then packed his bags and moved to Hollywood where  eventually he ran into Biz Markie who was heavy on the circuit. Biz made Cannon a hype man as well, and took him to several night clubs as part of his entourage. Click below to read excerpts of the video and see the vid!!!

Biz: I met him when he was like 17. He was a good kid, but he was like Dennis the Menace…But I started taking him to the clubs and would be like ‘I aint going in unless he gets in’. I would let him rock the mic…oh yes yes, he was my Flava Flav….then there was this chic given him the Googly Eyes. I was like Nick, she likes you, but a broken video game had more game then he had.

Nick:This woman was focused on me, like locked. She had to be like 31, like my mommas friend. I aint know what to do. She ended up coming over to me, and I was like mold me, shape me, and that night it went DOWN. That was my first older woman.. Yeah, Biz turned me on to the OLDER chics. Yeah, it worked out for me

Biz: I mean look, he got Mariah Carey!!

Mariah is every mans dream who was born in the 80’s, but dang, I dont know about that big @ss back tat Nick….

Check out the video below to hear about his groupies and strip club experience at 17!!

By: Xavier B.


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