Black Lives Matter To Who?


Love with Nelson Mandella

Today we as people have embarked on a new era. The times have changed, the seasons have turned and the people have become vain and numb to the sensible way of living. The things we had once cared about have become waste, the decisions we’ve made as a people have created a generation of lost love for souls. Where as before the founding forefathers were brought over to America fought against the slave owners to keep their families together. Where as now people fight against their own families to get away from them by getting a divorce, or legal separation, or even as far as creating baby daddy’s and baby momma’s. How can we as a people want more out of life when life is demanding more out of us and we refuse to give more of what we have to offer back to life. The challenge to overcome every obstacle is not won by fighting the obstacle itself but by overturning its intentions to break us down and keep us from moving in the direction we were attempting to go before the challenge was in our way.


We are a powerful people. We have overcome some strong opposition and yet the race is still standing strong. It’s when you don’t understand how you overcame the same test from before will keep coming back around again and again.  If you don’t know how or what you did the last time to pass the test before you can very easily fail it the next time. I believe that is exactly what’s happening to the race. You see with every generation the things in the cycle of life repeats itself but the people in the life cycle will not change. When we forget where we come from it becomes easy to forget how we got there. No one can treat us better than we can treat ourselves. Love for one another came from the love of the eternal one who gave us love in the beginning. Once we return the love of the father in our hearts we may begin to have love for ourselves. In turn having love for ourselves we can then transmit that love to everyone else.imrs.wdp

Who should black lives matter to if blacks don’t matter to their own first. You see, I am a firm believer of you teaching people how to treat you. When blacks are not afraid of gunning each other down to make a few more bucks from one another, when there’s little girls being lusted for their developing bodies and can’t even walk around their own race without being treated like a piece of meat, when robberies are happening to people that have worked hard to get where they are in life and sense less greed takes there life away by the hands of their own people, what are you teaching people about the value of your life and the value of the lives in your own race. First of all it starts with you and how you see yourself is how you see others. You have to begin to change from within yourself and then what comes out of you as a person will effect what is around the person and what you will experience. So I ask you, black lives matter to who? You, me, them or us?


Written by Ajeania Green


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