Bob Whitfield and Mimi Faust (LHH-Atl) Host Single Parents Awards- (S.P.A.A.G.) #EpicFail



Bob Whitfield (husband of Sheree Whitfield ) EX that is, was present and served as a Presenter at the 1st Annual S.P.A.A.G. Awards Show (at a very swank location in Atlanta). Mimi Faust was also there to present an award to absentee recipient “Demetria McKinney”- Tyler Perry’s House of Payne star “Janine”. I guess since Bob Whitfield

paid current on his Child Support Debt (delinquency) and is now in good standing with the courts, he is an Official Supporter of a Single Parent. Maybe he should be the Spokesperson for the Organization (suggestion box). And as for Mimi Faust, she is supporting Stevie J- NOT! She is a single parent who receives support (verdict still out) Ok, she is a Single Parent who Participated in the Event. There! I just don’t know how to comment on this. Check out more recipients like my favorite (one of my fave) PR/Marketing Reps in Atlanta (Jonell PR) and Lynn Spivey (NAACP New York), and other upcoming aspiring single moms/parents. Photo credit Justin J Jordan and Straightfrom the A, Red Carpet Slave Photography

JonellPR-LindaSpivey-AuthorAward Recipients – Jonell Whitt, Lynn Spivey, And Author 

LynSPiveyJackDanielLyn Spivey-Jack Daniel


Bob Whitfield 

Akima-lynSpiveyAkima Day (Life Coach), (guest) , Lyn Spivey

cicilafluer-akimaCici Lafluer (Performer) and Akima Day (Life Coach)

Bobwhitfield-jonellpr-awardBob Whitfield (Presenter ) to Jonell Whitt CEO of Jonell PR Brand “Rising Star -Award Recipient “



  1. Actually, not really sure why you choose to entitled it “epic fail” when all parties involved are positive single parents supporting and encouraging other single parents! BTW.. Bob , Mimi, and Jack Daniels were presenters of the awards. Life coach & motivational speaker Akema Day hosted the event on behalf of her non-profit organization. I was in attendance and it was a very positive and inspiring evening…. This is the type of event media should give attention to and not that other garbage most choose to entertain themselves with!


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