Bow Wow Attends Frank Walker and Devyne Stephens #RehabSunday Birthday Bash


DevyneStephen-Frank-Bowow4 miles from Ray Lewis old folks retirement party it was ALL the WAY TURNT UP in the “City of Lithonia”. 2500 plus people came from miles and miles around. Flying in from different cities and some walking from the Piggly Wiggly on BrownsMill Rd to experience “STARLAND”. Who thought there could Champagneever be a place more fun than DreamLand? I guess a full indoor basketball court, twerk it, hot dog eating and wet t-shirt contest, (BUBBLY)-FreeTwerkt-ContestantsWere these the Twerk It Contestants?

StarLandman made sand volleyball courts and 2 acres of would attract the best and the rachet! The good news is the party was free and was a token of the philanthropic heart of Frank Walker and Devyne Stephens to always give back to the community. The bad was, you can take em to the suburbs but some poolparty-Devynefolks just can’t shake the natural urge to be rachet! The Ugly was – why was there only a 5% of people who were actually in the pool? #Wheredeydodatat. I’m FrankWalker-jumpsstill trying to figure out how Frank was able to make his classic dive into the pool. Which leaves the question if that was the jump that resulted in…..

PhotosPoolPartyYeah let’s get a close up on that diving board after everyone left (and the water residue) SMHCloseUp

Could all those people and their suntan lotion and potions caused this? And more folks….

UpstairsPeople-poolPartyIt’s raining Black Folks Hallelujah! Well it was a sunday Lol!  At the end of the day..Everyone cleared out around 9pm. The gym was silent again. The natives returned to their prospective homes and all was well. In life it’s about the shots you take at success. Thanks for another successful Devyne Intervention and Frank Walker collaboration. Updates on the #Rehab Sunday Remix #GiveToLife #NonProfit #CorporateCode #HouseGiveAway #InfinitePengarSolutions





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