Bow Wow Comments On Lil Wayne/Jay-Z Beef


If you don’t know that Lil Wayne and Jay-Z are beefing you’ve been under a rock. Rapper Bow Wow took a moment from baby mama drama to join the hype. In an interview with The Urban Daily, Bow Wow had this to say about the beef,

“You know I’m YMCMB all day!” Bow Wow says proudly. “I think that’s what everyone wants to see[Jay-Z Respond]; both of them are at the top of their games, Wayne’s a heavy weight, Jay’s a heavy weight. Two different rappers, two different fan bases at the same time,” he continues. “For the peoples sake they want to see it because they want to be entertained by it. At the end of the day you know where I stand with it, YMCMB, you already know!”

Bow Wow has made it clear who’s side he’s on and that’s Lil’ Wayne. It makes sense being that he is a part of the label. I personally hope this beef doesn’t get any nastier. I highly doubt it would right now with the announcement of Bey’s pregnancy and what not. I’ll just have to keep my ears open. What do you think of Bow Wow getting in the mix and vouching for Lil’ Wayne? Was that a good decision?

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  1. As a Jay fan I will be highly disappointed if Jay responds. Why, because Jay is so much bigger than Lil Wayne lyrically, mentally, financially, personally and of course he has the baddest bitch in the game wearing his chain and carrying his baby. So why should a grown man respond to a child wanting to be a man. Jay is only focusing on being a great dad right now. Team JAY all day BROOKLYN STAND DA FUCK UP!

  2. I don’t blame bow 4 siding wit wayne he better but at the end of the day they both r grown and need 2 stop the BS even doe we all no jayz started it and how old is he 50 come on dude b 4 real and stop haten on weezy and c breezy just 2 add I got a child on the way

  3. They both need to stop this foolishness. I really hope that Jay z doesn’t respond back, Jay leave it alone. BROOKLYN ALL DAY! lol

  4. bow wow just shut up! who wants to hear your mouth! you couldnt even claim your child and you do nothing for young money! you are soooo played out

  5. LOUISIANA ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!! YMCMB!!!!!!!! then they own a oil company biggest money investment ever bush even it


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