Bow Wow Shows Us His Daughter


Pictures of Bow Wow’s baby have surfaced! This comes as shocking news being that he told fans in a letter that he didn’t want to post pictures of baby Shai because “I want my boo boo to have everything I didn’t. Want her to be able to cheerlead with her lil friends without some [expletive] sticking his camera all in my lil girl face”. Now these pictures that were taken don’t clearly show her face but if he keeps going for strolls like this, people are going to eventually figure out what she looks like.

This all leads me to believe that Bow Wow’s relaxing a bit in regards to his daughter. It is good to see that Bow Wow’s taking his fatherly duties more seriously though. What do you think?

Spotted @X17Online


  1. A baby carrying a baby. Look at Bow Wow, he is not even carrying the baby properly. These people want to have sex but yet don’t know how to be responsible and end up having a child unexpectedly.

  2. Come on, he may have made those comments in wanting his child to have a normal life, but this doesn’t mean that he is to keep his baby in doors when he has the moment with her. Bringing her outside is not going to influence her as an infant.

  3. First of all how is he a baby the man is over 21 that makes him an adult, and how is he an attention whore because he’s out with his child. Please let the man be a proud father if he wants to go out in public with his child its his business.

  4. I agree if he want to take his baby outside he can. Shi all because he is famouse dont mean he gotta keep his daughter syuck in the house. Im proud of him i think he will make a great daddy. And as far as a baby he will be 30 years old in 6 mor years he is havin a baby at the right time. Im glad he is there for his baby.

  5. man yall just hatin because bowwow got a baby and she is so pretty and yall cant stand that a man want to spend time with their child now if he wasnt spendin time with his child yall would say that he a bad father at least he not like his real father not there. Flat out 100


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