Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Is Pissed With Him!

While Bow Wow’s newest letter to his fans appears to be a very heartfelt one, his baby mama Joie Chavis is calling him out. In his letter he talks about his love for his newborn Shai Moss saying that “Sometimes i tear up cuz i just cant believe it brotha be emotional ”. However, video girl Joie Chavis is stating otherwise. According to her, Bow Wow was nowhere to be found when she was getting a C-Section to birth their daughter. In fact, he didn’t even show up until 6 days after their daughter’s birth. In retaliation, she left his name off of the birth certificate. Maybe this is the drama Bow Wow was talking about when he stated in his letter:

“The bs that comes with having a baby momma is expected. So i neva trip. Jus gotta suck it up keep chin high and try not let her get the best of my feelings by playin them stupid games”

Just goes to show, baby daddies get it hard everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re a celeb or not. I hope these two can find it with themselves to work as a team for their new baby girl. Ladies, would you trip off your baby daddy not being there for the birth of your kid so much that you left his name off the birth certificate? Fellas I need yall thoughts too!

7 responses to “Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Is Pissed With Him!”

  1. BrealK says:

    In some states the father has to sign off on the birth certificate, for the name to be listed. Too many women were giving false fathers name and couldn’t prove it when taken to court.

  2. somebody says:

    In the State if Ga you can’t just list a father….if he isn’t there to sign then he can’t be listed and you have to give the child you last name. This just happened to me 4 mont
    hs ago….

  3. Puzzled says:

    If he didn’t show up for 6days and she left his name off how was she able to give the little girl his Last name, it kills me when baby mothers claim the dad is no good but give the child the dads last name…smh

  4. Mia Renae says:

    See the problem is these men arent prioritizing….. what was more important than the birth of “YOUR CHILD”?….. See he know there was a grat percentage that he was the father so why not be there? Watching, supportng,….. Show everyone your a man even if you dont like her. Which i cant grasp the concept of because just 9 short months ago you were intimate with her…. Next be there so you can get your DNA test right then and there…. So when this baby leaves the hospital you already know what the verdict is….. Hey if you are the father you better man up.. If your not (smh) you lucked up now strap up….and shame on you and her.. you for being afiliated with her…. and her for bing so {clearing my throat} out there…. for lack of better words

  5. Supa_sexy says:

    If I know for a FACT that he is the daddy then I would put his name on it even if I’m mad, there is no excuse acting like a A**hole because he chose to be one.

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  6. michael says:

    i’m sure he knew that he had the birth of his child drawing nigh, but did anyone consider whether or not he was informed? im sure he didn’t immediately find out when he got the chick pregnant and if nobody contacted him (it’s bow wow- thus a crazy schedule) than thats obvious. i know there is two sides to every story and i’m not a bow wow stan but i just feel as though he has nothing to hide- especially in a letter where he is being transparent about how he feels about his daughter so i can’t do anything but question all of the details that the baby-motha is broadcasting. ya know?

  7. mz.lady says:

    @Puzzled ikr!

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