Boxer Adrien Broner stopped by Airport Security for having 100k cash



Andrien Broner, American professional boxer is a young multi-millionaire. Carrying large amounts of money is not flexing to him. Perhaps, this is why he was so upset when Airport security stopped him for carrying 100k cash. 


Broner quotes:

“It’s ridiculous. They’re stopping me at the airport because I got over $100,000 with me. It’s my money, I’m rich. They’re telling me I can’t carry my money. That I worked hard for. That I put my life on the line for.”

Broner has certainly put his life and health on the line to make millions. He began his career in 2008 and has won many titles including the Featherweight World Title. 



The Boxer is not always upset, you can catch him on instagram with his spouse and children. Guess he’s spending all that hard earned money to take care of home, as well as investing in luxuries like superstars usually do.


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