Brandy Chats With The Breakfast Club About Her New Album, Ryan Press and Relationship With Monica


R&B singer Brandy sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk about her new album “Two Eleven” which drops in-store and on Itunes tomorrow. Brandy talks about her new music as well as the new love that she has.

Everyones favorite morning show Power 105. 1’s “The Breakfast Club” caught up with Brandy to discuss her new album “Two Eleven” where she revealed that deep down she thought her days on the top of the charts were over. She also discussed her disappointment over her past musical projects that weren’t as successful as she would have wanted them, and how she felt discouraged. Now that she is back at the top of charts with her hit single “Put It Down” featuring Chris Brown. She spoke about the man in her life, Ryan Press,where she revealed that she is very much in love with him and she wants a real wedding & marriage very soon. She talked about Monica and revealed they’re great friends outside of the industry and are closer than ever.

Full Interview Below:


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