Brandy Does Derek Blanks Photo Shoot


Singer Brandy is the latest celeb to do a Derek Blanks photo shoot. This shoot conveys Brandy good and bad side. This shoot is the first of Derek Blanks that shows a story through a series of pictures. He had this to say about the photo shoot:

The struggle between good and bad. WHEN GOOD GOES BAD. This is a HIGH FASHION STORY that takes you into the dark side of Brandy. The good Brandy is kidnapped and ends up struggling with herself to finally kill the dark demons with in.”

Sounds interesting to say the least. The story that Derek is trying to get across is easy for readers to pick up with his creative work.

The photo shoot is just yet another Alter Ego shoot of Derek Blanks. What do you think of this shoot?  Be sure to check out more pictures from the shoot below:

Spotted @StraightFromTheA


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