Brandy “Put It Down” feat Chris Brown – Produced by Sean Garrett & Mr Bangladesh


Sneak peak- Yep you can say you listened to this first on although I can’t quite say it’s exclusive. Giving my faithful readers what you want to hear. The homie Sean Garett gave his heart and sole to Brandy writing more than half of her new album. I know yall can’t resist a chance to critique a new song. Brandy is Backkkkkkkkk! New music, New Man and a new attitude. I’m glad you decided to use a new Producer Brandy! A Bangladesh beat should definitely get you Amili Amili Amili the first week when you sell over 1,100,000 units in the first week. I know you can do it.

Attention people of Color! The theme for the week when this song is officially released is going to be debit/credit card. Use it to download this song immediately!!! We must use our buying partner to unravel the myths and realities that we don’t spend money/cold hard cash but in this case debit/credit cards! Work . Charge it!


  1. Love it… Brandy I wish nothing but success on the album… always been a fan

  2. Is everyone gone fucking def This song sucks. I can’t believe everyone had something to say about her and Monica song, and It all belongs to me sound way better than this bull she just came out with. I can’t believe Brandy put this out as her first single. First Whitney die now this. The world is coming to a end if yall think this SHIT hot.

  3. @Dre69 Yoo Dre you’re tripping this song is wayyyy better than It All Belongs To Me.. It wasnt a song that they should had done together, but I bet this song will chart higher than It All Belongs To Me, cause that song was dried and boring. This song goes hard and you just don’t like it cause u probably expected a ballad, but Mo and Brandy tried that and it was poppin as you see.

  4. @Rez, and whoever think this song tight. Clean your ears I expected anything better than this bullshit Brandy sound a mess. I ain’t hating I love a good comeback story, but she could have picked another song. You expect different from someone who haven’t made a album in 4 years. Monica didn’t have shit to lose her last album was a hit. Brandy got to come with it 4 real. THIS SHIT SUCKS ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!


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