Brandy & Ray J’s Brother Takes A DNA Test To Prove He’s Their Father’s Son



Brandy and Ray J’s illegitimate brother Danyelle “C-Dove” Brown took his DNA test this weekend to prove once and for all that Big Willie Norwood is indeed his father. Brandy and Ray J’s mother Sonja has already made her feelings known that she doesn’t acknowledge him although Ray has met his big brother before.
According to C-Dove’s Myspace page, he was born May 6, 1975, at University of Chicago, Lying In Hospital Chicago, Illinois, to his mother Lynetta Brown and his father Willie Ray Norwood Jr. both parents were raised in, and, are from Greenwood, Mississippi. He is the only child that his mother has. As previously reported, C-Dove asked his father to take the test as well but did he show up. Watch and see if Willie Norwood Sr. stepped up to the plate and acknowledges his possible first born. Click here to watch

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  1. This whole story is kinda strange. Mr.Norwood may in fact be his father. I just feel like this is really a personal issue. That shouldve kept this from the media. I think he shouldve went about it a different way. He went about this whole thing via the internet. I doubt seriously Mr.Norwood checks blog sites. If you really want this done. Go to Cali where he livess. Do it the legal way. I feel like he wanted the truth but he also wanted to expose him at the same time. Why wasnt this issue taken care of when he popped out the womb? Where is his mother? Just strange and how to believe everything.

  2. negro plssssss…..since when was a grown ass ghetto guy cares who is daddy is?!/// ….

  3. I don’t care if he was 50 years old, it would be hard for anyone to see someone who is their alleged father on television everyday, and he chooses not to acknowledge them. I personally think its his son, he talks and looks just like Ray K and Willie. This dude came out about 10 years ago with the same story, I don’t think he would proposition a blood test and carry on for this long if it was fake. I say willie YOU ARE THE FATHER!

  4. And the reason why this is on a blog is?

    This should of been behind the scenes and kept private makes me think
    he wants MONEY!

  5. There is a striking resemblance…if he is his father I hope he welcomes him into his family. Sonja Norwood needs to chill!

  6. Regardless, Mr. Norwwod is his father!!!!! How dare Sonja and Brandy say they would not acknowledge him, if that’s his son that’s his son! She is a hot mess any way Sonja that is… $hit the kid was before her kids so what the hell does it matter!!!!!!! GET YO MIND RIGHT SONJA, your kids are not the end all be all!

  7. He take about it the wrong way it could have been different with the medis in there business he just want so attendance.

  8. Mr. Norwood is the father. He look just like Ray Sr. & Jr. expecially that Norwood Noise. Sony and Brandy need to accept him with open arms b/c he was here before them. How can Brandy expect society to forgive her for causing a car accident that resulted in someone’s death when she can’t even acknowledge her own brother.

  9. I believe dude!! He looks just like them. For those saying he should get a life. i don’t think so. how would you feel. That is a hurt to watch your father on TV acting so loving to his other children and no even acknowleging him.. And yes it may be about C-Dove getting money and a career push. but doesn’t his other children have that??? Also, I went on youtube and dude is mad talented. His song Fly and DNA are fire!! He may have that musical talent genetically and wants to express that. I say go for it! He stated that he tried to reach them several times before and going public was his last result. He reached out for that bond and that closure and Willie and Sonya(wit her controlling ass) dissed him. So at this point I guess his attitude is f u pay me! I don’t blame him one bit. Can’t he go to court and get a judge to make Willie Sr take the DNA and at that time if he dies C-Dove can contest the will and get his fair share? Or can he sue now for emotional stress and back child support? Thats sad- no matter what the situation was- God put C-Dove here and he is just as good if not better that Ray J and Brandy because he is humble. The father needs to man up to Sonya and say look I made a mistake and I want to make it rightAfter hearing Brady play crazy in that interview I was livid. he has not done anything to you! I wish C-Dove the best financial, emotional, and spiritual outcome on this.

  10. @LIL BIT—Go back to school ASAP!! You said He take about it the wrong way it could have been different with the medis in there business he just want so attendance.
    Did u mean: He went about it the wrong way, it could have been handled differently without the MEDIA in THEIR business. He just wants some ATTENTION?

    Open your heart and your mind

  11. Man pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he came out of no where after 10 or 12 years or what ever the cast may be to me he don’t look nothing like ray or brandy dude is lieding that’s not hes son he just want that money you know how that is.

  12. Not to be funny but how can u take a DNA test without the father? U said Mr Norwood didn’t show up! did I read that wrong….lol

    they do look a like

  13. C Dove are you doing this for financial gain or you are doing it just to prove that he is your father. If you are doing it for financial gain he might not want to come forward and do the DNA Just tell Norwood you Ijust want to know your father that your children can know their G dad. If he refuses then you can take him to court he might not want a court appearance

  14. (lol) Shit about to hit the fan! I personally spoke to C-Dove and this story came out a few times,but now he’s is pushing it because he should have a relationship with him.Mr.Norwood has a another daughter as well.Sonja ass is behind all this mess to.And who could believe Brandy fake ass,she lied about her marriage before.

  15. Yes,I messed up on my comment and I don’t want to get blasted because people do that on the internet real hard…..What I meant was shit is about to hit the fan deeper and I personally spoke to C-Dove and I’m glad he’s doing this. This story came out a few times,but now he’s pushing it because he should have a relationship with his real dad.Mr.Norwood has a another daughter as well.Sonja crazy ass is behind all this mess to.And who could believe Brandy fake ass,she lied about her marriage before? lord have mercy on those fools !


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