We recently told you that Brandy will be one of the new faces to the new season of B.E.T’s ‘The Game’ and we finally have the deeds on who her character will be. The promo for the new season have been underway for weeks and fans around the world are in heavy anticipation for how the show will pick back up. Brandy will happen to play a love interest on the show…check inside to see who she will be getting close with this season.


It looks like it might really be over between Jason Pitts and Kelly because Brandy’s character happens to be a new love interest for the ex-football star. She will play a bartender named “Chardonnay” who Jason becomes infactauted with…anyone remember the girl Chardonnay that was featured on her brother Ray J’s love show? Anyway, her character is said to be very sassy and will definitely spark new drama on the show. Check out a sneak peek from the show below.


The Game will return to your television January 10th at 10:00 pm……will you be watching?

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