Braxton Family Values Recap


On tonight’s episode of the Braxton Family Values or “The Black Kardashians” as I like to call it, the Braxton clan heads to Los Angeles, CA to support Toni who was being honored by the LA Lupus Foundation. The episode starts with the Braxton sisters and Mama Braxton arriving at Tamar’s house; for those of you who don’t know anything about the show Tamar is the baby sister and in true baby fashion goes on to seek all the attention by giving these GROWN WOMEN these rules for her home which is cool I guess… but WHY?? Lol

Majority of the episodes we notice that she is the show between her signature phrases ending in dot com, net, org, or even edu. Well, tonight was no different however very emotional to say the least. Toni whom I thought had already revealed that she had Lupus was just
telling three of her sister’s for the first time.

Tamar and Toni confronted Trina about some of her ways and they got Traci some etiquette classes. Check out tonight’s episode which is sure to entertain you but also make you realize that time is of the essence so give your flowers to your loved one’s while they live.

Tune In next week when they get more in-depth with the marriage of Trina and Gabe.


  1. I LOVE THE SHOW! I’ve been watching it since it came on in April. Havent missed a episode. I am one of Toni Braxton’s BIGGESTS FANS! The Braxtons are hillarious. Tracy and Trina are for REAL. Tamar WOW. Towanda is like her husband says Secretary of State. And Mommy Braxton STRONG WOMAN!


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