Braxton Family Values Season 3 Episode 12: “Braxton Leading Lady”


Braxton-Family-Values-e1301665659349Mama Evelyn decides it’s time to get back into the dating game by going on some blind dates, Toni hosts a screening for her first lead in a movie, and Trina agrees to move forward with the sister’ store without Gabe on this episode of Braxton Family Values.

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If you missed last night’s episode of Braxton Family Values check it out here.


Mama Evelyn finally turns to Tamar for help to get her back into the dating pool, but is still apprehensive about the whole thing. She says she hates dating and admits she’s nervous about who she will meet.

bfv312-freddyo-missjaye11Tamar teases her and says she was going to make her a profile on a regular online dating site, but offered to sign her up with a reputable matchmaking service. Mama Evelyn doesn’t really have a type, but all she wants is for the guy to be normal. And her age. No more youngins, Towanda!


Trina talks to Gabe about him falling back as a partner with the boutique the sisters are still working on. She’s grateful that he did a lot of the leg work but she really wants the store to be a sister thing.


Gabe feels a little hurt that Trina chose her sisters over him again, but understands why. She wants to keep the peace since everyone is in a good place right now. When the husbands get added to the mix, there’s too much drama.


Toni has smoothly made the transition to acting, and landed her first lead role in a TV movie. She hosted a private screening with friends and family, who were all in attendance, including ex-husband Keri Lewis and Toni’s boys Denim and Diezel. bfv312-freddyo-missjaye5

It looks like Toni is very comfortable in front of the camera, but we still want her back behind the booth! Toni says she has no plans to head back to the studio anytime soon, but still goes on tour. Don’t leave us hanging, Toni! We still need to hear your voice!

Mama Evelyn goes on her blind dates. bfv312-freddyo-missjaye6

The first date was a complete bore. She would’ve been more entertained watching paint dry.


She had more chemistry with her second suitor Darryl, and she even flirted a bit!


Go head, Mama E! Looks like she’s got her groove back!

The sisters and Mama Evelyn meet up to plan a surprise baby shower for Tamar, who has been extra moody lately, feeling the woes of pregnancy.


But before they get the ball rolling, they take a little time to playfully tease Mama about her new dating life. They bounce around ideas for the baby shower, and decide it would be fun for all the sisters to have a good old fashioned sleepover.


Hopefully this will be thing that helps to lift Tamar’s spirits. Just a few more months, hang in there Tamar!

What did you think of Mama Evelyn’s potential new man?

Was Trina wrong for excluding Gabe from the boutique?

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