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Breaking News – Michael Vick Lands Third Endorsement Deal

Often maligned Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick signed a contract yesterday with Fuse Science.  According to the Associated Press, Fuse Science CEO stated, “He’s a changed man. As a part of that change, he’s becoming a businessman and not just a football player. He’s the hungriest athlete. He’s the best athlete in any sport, and it was a no-brainer to bring Michael in and build around him.” Fuse Science creates nutritional vitamins and minerals for athletes. The Vick deal is the first major athletic endorsement the company has ever had. Vick also announced today that he had become an equity partner in Double Eagle Holdings, Ltd, the parent company of Fuse Science.

After losing all of his endorsements following the 2007 conviction on dog fighting charges, Vick signed an endorsement contract earlier this month with Nike and with Unequal Technologies back in January. Looks to me like Mr. Vick is on the up-and-up.  Will you buy the products that he endorses or does that dog-fighting incident leave a bitter taste in your mouth?

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