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True Or False: Did Rapper Gucci Mane Kill Cellmate After Attempted Rape

gucci-mane-kill-man-rapeCreamBMP is reporting that Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane killed his cellmate for trying to rape him.  Get the details inside…

 According to reports: 

“I woke up to him tryna lick the ice cream cone off my face and just blacked out” Said rapper Gucci Mane to a Dekalb county judge where he is now facing charges of first degree murder. Gucci Mane who is currently facing 20 years in jail on federal gun charges killed his cellmate early Saturday morning after the man apparently tried to rape him in his sleep. “He tried to touch me down there” said the “So Icy” rapper as he pointed toward his crotch area demonstrating that the deceased man attempted to caress his private parts while he was sleep. Evidence reveals that Gucci Mane choked the man to death with his bare hands and faces 25 to life if convicted, but is pleading not guilty and claiming self-defense. In a closing statement the rapper showed remorse by stating “I would never purposely take another man’s life, but if I had to it would be Young Jeezy’s”.

Rumors are flying all over the internet about this story and I have admit when I first read it I was IN SHOCK!!!  But after calling multiple sources, this story is false.

Sorry folks!

More details as this story develops…

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