Bruno Mars Says He Regrets 2010 Cocaine Possession Arrest


BrunoMars-MugShot-jpg_221825Bruno Mars is opening up about his 2010 arrest for cocaine possession. Gracing the cover of April’s “GQ,” the singer tells the magazine he regrets what happened and views it as a reminder that success can be taken away as quickly as it’s given. Mars admits to being scared for his career and “wasn’t thinking” when he was busted in Las Vegas. He says his fear led him to lie to the police about it being his first time experimenting with the drug. He also blames the lie on the fact that he was “really intoxicated” and the whole incident has become “a big blur” that he tries “every day to forget.” Mars says while he was just “a kid experiencing life” at the time, he realizes now how lucky he was to have had the charges dropped after having “slaved away for years and years” to become the chart-topping pop artist he is today.

Bruno’s “Moonshine Jungle” tour kicks off in Washington D.C. in June.


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